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3rd September 1991

Dear Mum and Dad,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write but I’ve been really busy. Hogwarts is great, lessons are really interesting. Transfiguration is hard but I like Professor McGonagall. When I told her that she was Dad’s favourite teacher she made a sort of harrumphing noise but she looked like she was smiling a bit and people say she doesn’t do that often. I think Potions could be good but Professor Snape is a ******** (Ron’s brothers said it but I think it’s too rude to say to you).

Ron is the boy I met on the train, his dad is nice Mr Weasley from the Ministry. He’s in Gryffindor too like me. Hagrid said he told you I was in Gryffindor so I hope that doesn’t come as a surprise. Gryffindor!!!!!! I had tea with Hagrid today. He said to tell Dad that the eggs are hatching. I thought I probably shouldn’t ask.
We have flying lessons soon and I’m really excited about that though I wish you’d let me bring my broom. I don’t think anyone would have noticed. You let me bring Dungbombs so I don’t really see why it’s a problem. I haven’t duelled anyone yet either so I think I deserve a reward for that. I know it’s only been three days but it’s still an acheiveme achievement.

It’s going to be strange not being at home for Sunday lunch. The food at Hogwarts is very good but it’s not the same and the treacle tart is not as good as yours Mum. Some of the other meals are better though sorry. I miss Sirius but he says he’s going to send me something cool soon and that I shouldn’t tell the teachers I’ve got it. He says if Professor McGonagall knows he’s sending me packages she’ll probably intercept the owls. There’s a girl called Hermione Granger who is annoying because she talks a lot about not fun things but she is a big fan of yours Mum. And Ron is a big fan of yours Dad. It feels like I’m famous when people hear Potter and ask about you two. I think people will expect me to be very clever and good at Quidditch but one out of two isn’t bad.

I have homework to do so I should probably go and do it. It’s only Charms though. Ron doesn’t like homework either, we play chess quite often, he’s really good. He’s really interested in the Muggle things I know though I told him he wouldn’t like meeting the Dursleys.
Also I know it’s early but Ron’s parents might be going to Romania for Christmas to visit his brother so can he come and stay with us?
I hope you are both all right and not missing me too much. Say hello to the cat for me please.

Harry James Potter


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We’re coming with you. That was decided months ago- years, really.